THE LATE GREAT DRAZEN PETROVIC ONCE scored 112 points in a single game

THE LATE GREAT DRAZEN PETROVIC ONCE scored 112 points in a single game

On October 5, 1985, a 21-year old Drazen Petrovic scored 112 points in a single game. The game was played in Zagreb, Croatia. At that time, Petrovic played for Cibona when they faced the Slovenian team, Olimpia, in the first round of the former Yugoslavian league.

Cibona won 158- 77, while Petrovic put on a show and scored 67 points in the first half and finished the game with 112 points. He made 40 out of 60 shots he took (10 out of 20 from the 3-point land) and added 22 points from the free-throw line.

According to, he was nervous before the game but wanted to break the old record of Radivoj Korac, who played for Belgrade, and in 1962 he set the record by scoring 74 points in one game. According to Igor Durovic, who was guarding Drazen that game, he broke the promise that he will leave the game after he breaks the previously set record.

“Drazen broke the promise he made before the game that he will exit the game after breaking the Radivoj Korac record, but you know what kind of “psycho” he was. He continued to score points and eventually ended the game with 112 points.

Igor Durovic

Cibona entered the 1985/86 season as a European champion when Petrovic was only 22 years old. He averaged an astonishing 37.7 points in his four seasons with Cibona before receiving a big contract from Real Madrid.

“I have never seen any pro or amateur player work as hard as he did,” He’s the consummate pro in commitment and dedication.”

Tom Newell, via New York Daily News

Drazen Petrovic was one of the best European players who entered the NBA in 1989 playing for the Portland Trailblazers. After not getting the playing time with the Blazers, Petrovic was traded to the Nets, where his career took off. He became the first European player to make an All-NBA team in the season 1992/93 when he averaged a career-high 22.3 points per game. Petrovic was also a two-time Olympic silver medalist who led the Croatian national team, and he established himself as one of the NBA’s top shooting guards. After four seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers and New Jersey Nets, tragedy cut his career short. Petrovic died in a car accident in Germany at the age of 28.