The last time Tony Parker missed the playoffs, the NBA looked a lot different

The last time Tony Parker missed the playoffs, the NBA looked a lot different

One of the last old school players that are still in the NBA today, is a multiple NBA champion, Tony Parker. After spending his entire career with the San Antonio Spurs, Parker signed a contract with the Charlotte Hornets and his role was to provide the team with a much-needed experience performing in the playoffs.

Unfortunately for the Hornets, they didn’t make it into the playoffs this season, and for Tony Parker, this was his first season since 2001 to miss the playoffs.  To put things into perspective, Tony Parker played every playoff series for the past 17 years which was until now the longest playoff streak in the NBA.

LeBron James was second with 13 seasons and now that both Parker and LeBron are out of playoff contest, JJ Redick now has the longest such streak with 12 seasons.

Parker came into the league in 2001 and in his rookie season, he was in the position to already compete for a championship. Things were way different back in those days and we just wanted to point out some basic information how the NBA and the basketball world, in general, was different in that time.

  • Michael Jordan was playing for the Washington Wizards

  • Kenyon Martin was the 1st overall pick in the draft (Drafted 2000-01 season)

  • The Grizzlies were still in Vancouver

  • Iverson was the current league MVP

  • Charles Barkley was in his 2nd year on Inside the NBA

  • Mcgrady won Most Improved player of the year

  • Pau Gasol hadn’t been drafted (Drafted after the playoffs)

  • Mutombo was winning his 4th DPOY award

  • Luke Walton was playing basketball for the University of Arizona

  • Lebron was a sophomore at St Vincent-St Mary

  • Luka Doncic would’ve been 2 years old