The Lakers intend to start LeBron in a new position next season

The Lakers intend to start LeBron in a new position next season

After a failed first season with LeBron James on their roster, it seems the Lakers are in for a lot of changes this season.

Apart from revamping their roster and getting Anthony Davis alongside some solid free agent signings, it seems they will try to keep the ball in LeBron’s hands as much as they can, as he will start at point guard next season.

In his 17thseason, at 34 years old, James will be facing a challenge to become the ultimate floor general for his team in order to maximize the potential of his team.

It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for LeBron, as he has always been sort of a point forward for his teams, often bringing the ball up and setting up the offense, averaging 7.2 assists per game through his career.

The Lakers have three point guards on their team with Rajon Rondo, Quin Cook, and Alex Caruso, but it seems that most of the playmaking work will be handled by LeBron, who will most likely start in the backcourt with their new singing Danny Green.

The frontcourt stays a mystery, as the Lakers have plenty of options with Davis, Kuzma, Cousins, and McGee.

If the Lakers manage to organize and find suitable roles for all of their players, they could be a very hard team to beat with LeBron James running the show.