THE LAKERS BENCH TAUNTED ROBINSON during the Finals by comparing him to a cartoon character

THE LAKERS BENCH TAUNTED ROBINSON during the Finals by comparing him to a cartoon character

Trash talking has always been a huge part of basketball. As with any other sport, basketball is not only a physical game but also a mental one. Getting inside an opponent’s head and exploiting things they are most self-conscious about can sometimes decide the game, and throughout history, some trash talkers were better than others in that sense.

We all know how ruthless Larry Bird, Micahel Jordan, and Reggie Miller were; the three literally verbally abused more than off the league all through the 80s and the 90s. Then you had guys like Gary Payton, who simply loved to talk more than anything, and Kevin Garnett, who arguably crossed the line on multiple occasions just to throw people off and win.

And now, most recently, according to Duncan Robinson himself, we have a fresh example of trash-talking that is reminiscing of effective elementary school bullying. The formula? Compare someone’s facial resemblance to a famous pop-culture character and keep roasting them for it until the joke burns out.

In an interview with Titus and Tate, Robinson revealed that during the 2020 NBA Final the Lakers bench tried to get in his head by comparing him to Nickelodeon’s boy genius.

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This has to be one of the weirdest heckling strategies in recent history, right?

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Now, it seems as if the taunting didn’t throw Duncan off despite the Heat losing the Finals series to the Lakers, as he played very solid games throughout. To make things even more lighthearted, Robinson laughed off the trash-talk and didn’t take it to heart despite the hilarious comparison.

However, the story got us thinking about who might have been the brains behind the jab directed at Robinson and looking at the Lakers roster and the average age of their team; it would be logical to assume that the taunt was the brainchild of Kyle Kuzma as he is the younger guy on the team.

But something is telling me that the comedic genius behind the joke is so simple yet so funny that its potential creator might have been J.R. Smith, the undefeated king of NBA shenanigans. Whatever the case may be, you gotta admit that calling Duncan Robinson ‘Jimmy Neutron’ is elite an elite elementary school style taunt.