The Knicks lost to a guy who couldn’t get into MSG

The Knicks lost to a guy who couldn’t get into MSG

If you need to explain to someone how bad the Knicks are, here’s a short story that will paint the picture. The “we will be in the playoffs” New York Knicks got their asses kicked by the “we are in a full tank” Washington Wizards, 121 – 115.

Not just that, but the New York Power Forwards lost to a tanking Washington team that had 8 players missing and was basically playing their G-League team. Troy Brown Jr., Gary Payton II. and Anzejs Pasecniks came off the bench and scored a combined 50 on the Knicks. Pasecniks almost didn’t get to play.

“Pasecniks is so obscure, the 7-foot-1 big man was spotted 2 ¹/₂ hours before the game with shopping bags at the players’ entrance, trying to convince security guards to allow him into the arena.”

via New York Post

Maybe James Dolan banned all Latvians from MSG after the Porzingis trade, who knows. When you lose to guys who have to make a phone call to get into the arena, you know it was the coach’s fault and not the front office people. David Fizdale must be having a victory laugh somewhere.

The Clippers have an uphill battle to win hearts and minds in Los Angeles, but why don’t people just switch and become Nets fans is beyond me. Kyrie and Durant are so easy to love. It’s up to you, New York, New York.