The Kings troll Bleacher Report for their 2017 NBA Re-Draft

The Kings troll Bleacher Report for their 2017 NBA Re-Draft

The Sacramento Kings are usually on the receiving end of social media trolling. But the tables have turned, and all it took was a 2017 NBA re-draft from Bleacher Report.

A popular concept, done by many NBA media outlets, is nothing but a subjective assessment of the author based on what the players have done up until the moment of writing. Going into their fifth NBA season, there’s a big enough sample size to declare the winners and losers of the draft and redo it the way it should’ve been done. But the way Bleacher Report did it rubbed the whole NBA community the wrong way, and the Kings reacted via their Twitter account.

Consensual push back against B/R’s list is regarding Lonzo Ball, John Collins, and De’Aaron Fox — the latter being No.6 is what prompted the Kings to react. And you can’t help but agree; there’s no way Ball, and especially Collins, should rank higher than the Kings point guard.

No one will argue against Jayson Tatum being No.1. Donovan Mitchell is also a lock for the second spot. Bam Adebayo will be most people’s pick to go third overall. But most NBA fans will agree Fox should be right behind the three of them, at number 4.

The only logical explanation why anyone would put Lonzo ahead is if you are a firm believer that he still hasn’t reached his full potential and that it’s inevitable for him to get there based on the trajectory of his career thus far. But guess what, the same can be said about Fox or anyone on this list for that matter. That’s why you do re-drafts based on what the players have done so far.

Tatum, Mitchell, and Adebayo have all reached a certain level of winning while being the main options on their respective teams. Everyone else from the 2017 Draft is yet to do that. So you judge everyone else based on individual performances. That’s where Fox should get the edge.

De’Aaron FoxLonzo BallJohn Collins
PPG 18.2 11.7 16.6
RPG 3.4 5.8 8.4
APG 6.4 6.4 1.5
FG% 45.8 39.7 56.7
3P% 32.6 35.3 38
Source: Basketball Reference

Once again, none of the three have been able to translate numbers into wins — Collins did make the Conference Finals with the Hawks, but he wasn’t the team’s main option. That eliminates them from contention for the top 3 players from the 2017 Draft class. But there’s no doubt Fox should be No. 4, especially after his breakout 20/21 NBA season when he put up 25.2 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 7.2 assists on 47.7% shooting from the floor.

Four years from now, Bleacher Report might redo this list once again. And four years from now, the list might look different. But as of today — it feels weird to even write this — the Kings were right to troll them.