The Idaho Officer was fired after posting a viral TikTok video criticizing and mocking LeBron James

The Idaho Officer was fired after posting a viral TikTok video criticizing and mocking LeBron James

It seems mocking and criticizing LeBron James in a viral TikTok video was one of the worst decisions for an Idaho officer who just got fired from the service. Deputy Marshall Nate Silvester was fired last week from the City of Bellevue, and according to the mayor Ned Burns, the main reason is for violation of various policies.

“During the week of May 20th, while on shift Deputy Marshal Silvester violated several clearly established City of Bellevue and State of Idaho Policing policies. “He was not terminated for the content of his speech; he was terminated for his failure to follow clearly laid out and well-established policy. The decision was solely made by the command structure within the Bellevue Marshals office and was not influenced in any way by me or by the City Council. We were informed of the decision, and as in the previous incident, left the final decision making to the Marshal and Deputy Marshal.”

Bellevue Idaho, via Facebook

Marshall published a video in April on his TikTok that went viral when he made a sketch calling out LeBron for his tweets against Nicholas Reardon. Reardon was the police officer who shot a 16-year-old girl Ma’Khia Bryant trying to harm another person in a vicious attack. LeBron posted a tweet that is now deleted in which he said ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ and ACCOUNTABILITY with a picture of Reardon implying he should get the same treatment as Derek Chauvin.


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“So you don’t care if a Black person kills another Black person, but you do care if a white cop kills a Black person even if he’s doing it to save the life of another Black person?

Marshall Nate Silvester, via TikTok

Silvester was initially suspended from the service, but it was evident he would get fired soon after. When the video went viral, the Bellevue Marshal’s Office immediately issued a statement. They said his views don’t represent the department’s views and how he shouldn’t have done that during his working hours.

“The statements made do NOT represent the Bellevue Marshal’s Office. The Bellevue Marshal’s Office always demands that our Deputies engage with our citizens in a friendly and professional manner,” the statement said. “This is NOT how we expect our Deputies to act on duty or use city time.”

Bellevue Idaho, via Facebook

Interestingly enough, Insider reported that Silvester signed a book deal with Di Angelo Publications after his video picked up traction and announced he was suspended from the service. A GoFundMe was also created for him that initially raised over $500,000. The person who started it said Bellevue mayor Ned Burns was doing everything in his power to fire Silvester.

“Unofficially, as I stated originally, Bellevue mayor Ned Burns has been gunning for Nate’s termination since his Lebron James TikTok went viral,” the description for the fundraiser said. “We have heard through the grapevine this is coming down the pipes, it was only a matter of time, and they were just looking for a reason to terminate him. “

Gannon Ward