The Highest Scoring Game in NBA History

The Highest Scoring Game in NBA History

Modern basketball has become very fast, as the evolution of players and higher than ever usage of the three-point line has busted into the scene, you would think that we will see the biggest number of points in a game in this era. But that record still belongs to the year of 1983.

On December 13th, 1983 the Denver Nuggets hosted the Detroit Pistons in a game that would end up in the history books; as the Pistons would go on to win 186-184 in triple overtime. Combined it was 370 points scored in 63 minutes of game time. To put into perspective how crazy the final score was, there has only been one All-Star Game with more points scored.

Twelve players from both teams would end up in double figures. For the Pistons Isiah Thomas scored 47 points, John Long had 41, and Kelly Tripucka had 35. On the other side the leading scorer of the game Kiki Vandeweghe had 51 points, and Alex English scored 47 points, but it wasn’t enough. This was the only game in history with four 40-point scorers.

Pistons forward Kelly Tripucka said after the game (via

 At that time, if you go to Denver you know you’re going to be in for a scoring match. They didn’t run a lot of plays; they just kept running. We knew we had to play a certain way with them.”

This was before the Bad Boy Pistons were a thing as they weren’t known as a defensive force at the time, but rather a solid offensive team. And with the Denver Nuggets also being one of the better-known offenses in the league it was bound to be a spectacular exhibition. Definitely a record that may not be touched for a while.