The highest price paid for a LeBron jersey yet

The highest price paid for a LeBron jersey yet

Collecting memorabilia has been around since there’s history. Spending an absurd amount of money for shoes or a jersey a player wore when a championship was won isn’t breaking news anymore. This one is a bit different. 

The jersey LeBron wore for his first SI cover sold for $187,500 in a Goldin Auctions sale. This is the highest price ever paid for a LeBron jersey. Similar to paintings or rare books, the logic behind buying these is that their value only goes up. If you get your hands on something LeBron, Jordan or Serena Williams used in a game, you are lucky.

But the highest price for a LeBron jersey wasn’t achieved for the jersey he wore in his first NBA game; when he won one of his titles or any other monumental game. This is from a photoshoot!! 

As many people wondered we checked the currency exchange rates.  $187,500 is about 1.326.300,00 Chinese Yuan. We don’t know where the buyer is from, but it seemed to be the most asked question online so we looked it up. 

The good thing about this jersey is, this is the Fighting Irish one. Can’t see that one being burned in the streets.