THE G.O.A.T. HAS SPOKEN – MJ ranks his favorite Air Jordans

THE G.O.A.T. HAS SPOKEN – MJ ranks his favorite Air Jordans

Man, it’s gotta be the shoes! I dare you to find me more iconic ones than Air Jordans. They probably didn’t give him any superpowers, but he sure looked good wearing them.

Over the years, Air Jordans have evolved to a mythical status. They’ve become a must-have for every person related to basketball. And it isn’t solely because of their design, but more because of what they represent – or who they represent, to be exact.

The initial launch of Air Jordans marked the birth of sneaker culture. What was an unknown territory at the time became the opportunity for innovation. Worlds of sports, fashion, and marketing collided. The result was the best sports piece of footwear ever created.

You’ve all probably heard the longevity argument for LeBron being the GOAT. The same logic can be applied to Air Jordans. Their longevity in the sneaker business is unmatched in any sports/fashion-related business, for that matter.

It’s even more impressive that they never hit a rough patch in sales. There was never a time when Jordans weren’t trendy. Remember the movie Top Gun and Tom Cruise’s Aviator shades? Their history didn’t begin with Cruise, but their popularity peaked after the airing of the film. Aviators were a go-to sunglasses at the time and are still a popular pick, but more appealing options are emerging.

Fashion trends come and go, and peoples’ preferences alter. Products like that are not designed to dominate their niche in the long run, and most don’t. That’s just the way it is. That’s how the market works for most products – not Air Jordans, though.

People are still more attached to early models, partly because, let’s face it, they do look better, but nostalgia also probably has something to do with it. 34 Air Jordans have been launched up to this day and are still on top of the best-selling basketball footwear. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but it’s hard to pick which one do you like the most. MJ did make his pick.

“It’s hard, you know, it’s like saying which one of your kids you like the most. 11s are my favorite, 3s are my next favorite, and probably 12 or 13 come in third.”

Michael Jordan

So Air Jordans Eleven are MJ’s go-to signature shoes. It would be fun to look into how did he perform wearing them. But then again, he did wear a different pair every game, so it would be nearly impossible to make that connection.

Nevertheless, the GOAT has spoken, and I would more or less agree with the selection of sneakers but would put them in a different order. My personal favorites are Jordan Ones, with Threes coming in second. I would probably put Jordan Fives as my third option, but you can flip those with Twos.

What are your top three Jordan sneakers ever made?