The first “720 Dunk” in history

The first “720 Dunk” in history

Even though we have some of the best athletes and dunkers in the NBA, some of the best dunks in basketball history happened outside of it. This amazing and unique dunk is the perfect example of it.

One of the most famous streetballers globally, Taurian J. Fontenette, better known as “Air Up There,” gave us this unbelievable dunk back in 2006 during AND1’s mixtape tour. He was known for his incredible athleticism and leaping ability, being able to perform impressive dunks at just 6ft2. That ability open him the door to entering the AND1 team and playing on the mixtape tour.

During one of the games on tour in Hoston, Texas, “Air Up There” was alone on a fastbreak as he decided to try something we’ve never seen before, spinning not once but twice in the air, doubling the classic 360 dunk, and doing the first 720 dunk in history. The crowd was in disbelief, as the game had to be stopped for the celebrations. “Air Up There,” and his teammates were very hyped, as the worldwide famous baller “The Professor” was playing with him at that time.

The dunk went viral even back in 2006, being shown on Sportscenter and ESPN, distributed through the Internet, making it relevant and talked about to this day. Taurian played for a few colleges and ABA teams, but we all know him for his AND1 days, and especially this dunk.

After that, he was granted a new nickname, “Mr. 720.” He did the dunk twice publicly since then, but the first one got to remember as the original and most special one for the fans. “Air Up There” or “Mr. 720” is definitely going to be recognized as one of the best and influential dunkers in basketball history.