The first 200 days of college, Charles Barkley ordered pizza 100 times.

The first 200 days of college, Charles Barkley ordered pizza 100 times.

We already wrote about Chuck getting fat on purpose to avoid getting traded by the 76ers back in 1984. The Sixers offered him a $75k minimum, and he wanted to go elsewhere. 

It’s no secret Charles Barkley loves to eat. Look at the man; he’s never cared much about gaining a few pounds. Chuck’s also famous for his sweet tooth and love for Krispy Kreme. Back in 2016, when he turned 53, the team over at NBA on TNT gave Chuck 53 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The man loves his doughnuts.

In an interview with Graham Bensinger from 2016, Bensinger asks Chuck to confirm a story he heard about him eating excessive amounts of pizza.

Did you really in college — and you said this somewhere — the first 200 days of college you ordered pizza 160 times?

That’s somewhat true; it was close to 70, 80, 100 times? But that was only because meals were on a set schedule.

What happened was, we didn’t finish practice in time to eat most of the time, to be honest with you. By the time you practice and take a shower and relax, it is to late to eat. Or you get there, and all the good stuff is gone and about 10 or 11 o’clock you’re hungry. So we ordered pizza 3,4 times a week, no question.

People forget that Chuck weighed 290 to 300 his entire time at Auburn, and by the time he turned pro, his coach wouldn’t play because he was too fat. He then turned to his mentor, Moses Malone, and asked Big Mo for some advice on why he’s not playing. Big Mo replied:

Big Mo’s advice was the best thing that ever happened to Barkley, he got his weight all the way down to 250 pounds and was able to stay there for most of his career.

You’re fat and you lazy young fella. You need to lose some weight.