“Le dunk de la Mort” or dunk of death is one of the most memorable dunks you will ever see. We are all familiar with Vinsanity’s leaping abilities. We also know very well that he loves to punish the rim. But even he couldn’t imagine what was about to go down.

The year was 2000., the place was Sydney, the event was Olympics. Of course, like in most major events, the USA was a favorite to win it all. In one of the preliminary rounds, the USA played against France. Before the game, nobody was really interested in this game and everybody knew what the outcome would be. However, after the game, the basketball world was standing in awe because they couldn’t believe what just happened.

It was the second half. The score was 69:54 in the USA’s favor. There wasn’t really any excitement in the crowd because the game went as many predicted. One could even say it started to get boring because it was so one-sided, and then we witnessed the most disrespectful dunk of all-time.

France rebounded the ball and tried to counter-attack but unfortunately for them, Carter stole the ball and he headed to the rim like a mad bull. Nobody could stop him and he knew that. He was a few feet from the basket when he exploded. The problem was a 7-foot giant, Frederich Weiss, was in the way. Vince Carter saw him and he jumped. Weiss was doing everything by the book. He tried to force an offensive foul and that was something that everyone would do. After all, come on, there was no way that he could reach the rim from there, right? Oh boy, we were so wrong.

Carter jumped over him, delivered a ferocious dunk, and almost destroyed the rim. The whole arena was staring in disbelief, they couldn’t comprehend what they saw. Carter was screaming and he almost knocked-out Garnett after celebrating the dunk. I guess Kevin didn’t really mind that after all, he was in the same euphoria.

After the games, everyone was still talking about the dunk, not about the US gold medal they got by beating France in the final (what an irony). The ‘dunk of death’ was still the main story, screaming on every page of French media.

As for the guy Vince dunked on, let’s just say that after that game his basketball career went downhill. He was actually drafted by the Knicks the year before. So after the dunk and a few other factors, Frederich Weiss would never play an NBA game. It’s crazy how life plays pranks on you. But that really doesn’t have anything to do with Vince who is probably smiling any time he remembers the dunk of the century.