The dumbest suspension ever

The dumbest suspension ever

I can’t even. Why would you do this? The only thing more infuriating than crime is dumb crime.  Now, I don’t have a comprehensive list of all the suspensions in NBA history, but I would be willing to argue this has to be one of the dumbest one. Let’s examine the story.

Jordan Bell was inactive due to a team-imposed suspension. The reason for the suspension was “behavior detrimental to the team.” An example of that would be throwing chicken soup at an assistant coach. 

Now we found out Jordan Bell was suspended for his hotel purchases. You know, you leave a hotel, and they ask you if you used the mini bar, that sort of thing. The hotel stay is of course covered by the teams, but individual purchases in the hotel are paid by players or staff members themselves. 

So why the suspension? Well, Bell charged his purchase to Mike Brown’s room. (facepalm). We don’t know what he purchased and how much did he spend, but it made the team suspend him for a game. I checked, Bell is making $1.3 million this year. In NBA terms, not a lot, but you’d think still enough to have money for peanuts and a beer. 

Did he do it as a prank? I just can’t fathom he believed he could get away with this. He knows there are computers and cameras in hotels, right?

This isn’t the first time Bell showed bad judgment this year. To be fair, it’s not that hard to make Steve Kerr go ballistic (just ask Draymond), but still it is an accomplishment.

Same as the kind of soup that JR threw, this is now the most important irrelevant question in the NBA. We need to know!!