The day Magic returned to NBA

The day Magic returned to NBA

According to, Magic’s first game after a short comeback to LA Lakers was against no other than the Golden State Warriors at the Forum. They won beating Warriors 128 – 111 while Magic played for 27 minutes, scored 19 points, had 10 assists and grab 8 rounds.

“It was great,” Johnson said. “It was so much fun. Man!”

As we remember on Nov. 7, 1991, Magic shocked the world with his announcement of retirement due to a positive HIV test virus.

Till then he was a three-time winner of the NBA MVP and Finals MVP, an NBA all-time leader in assist (9,981) and the 11- time NBA All-Star.

However, it didn’t pass long before he came back to LA Lakers, except his time as an interim coach at the end of 1993/ 94 season, replacing Randy Pfund, and Bill Bertka (via NY Times).

“I’ve always had the desire (to coach) in the back of my mind.”

Although he had a desire to coach, it ended badly, so he decided not to return for next season, instead, he returned as a player in 1996 for the 1996-97 season. He said he wanted to be back so his kids can see him play once again (Via ESPN):

“I’m doing what I love to do,” Magic said. “I wanted my son and daughter to see me play. I didn’t think I went out the way I wanted to go out before, and that’s the reason I’m back.”

He permanently retired that same year at the age of 36.

And as for his HIV, after his announcement Magic began intense workouts in order to beat the HIV virus. He became a prominent spokesman for HIV/AIDS awareness (via

“I tell people all the time, early detection saved my life,” said Magic. “I was fortunate enough to get on the cocktail of drugs right when I was diagnosed. The drugs are doing their part and I’m doing my part of exercising, eating right and having a positive attitude about living with HIV.”

He also said during his announcement: “I plan to go on living for a long time.”

Not many believed him, but he is doing fine so far, especially being one of the richest athletes in the USA with his net worth around 500$ million.