THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Episodes 5 & 6 start to pull back the curtain

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Episodes 5 & 6 start to pull back the curtain

It opened up with heartbreak. Seeing young Kobe going into his first All-Star Game, and old Kobe talking about his relationship with Michael brought back a lot of emotions. With everything that’s been going on in the world, it feels a lot longer – it’s been 99 days since the world was shocked with terrible news about his helicopter accident. 

“That little Lakers boy is gonna take everybody one-on-one. He don’t let the game come to him. He just go out there and take it.”

Michael Jorda, The Last Dance

The extra second MJ gave Kobe at the end of the game, telling him, “I’ll see you down the road,” reveals how early on the brotherhood started to develop. This “little Lakers boy” came to play, took him on, but had the humility to ask for advice. 

The most surprising thing so far in all the episodes was how friendly and approachable MJ was in his career. We’ve known about the competitiveness, gambling, signing with Nike and the Dream Team practice. But I never realized how natural and funny MJ was with the media. Can you imagine LeBron or KD joking around with Letterman like this?

Superstars today rarely give out interviews or insight if they’re not producing it – most of the time, it feels fake and promotional. Hell, that’s what Ken Burns criticizes “The Last Dance” for. Episodes 5 & 6 show us the transformation, from an easy-going, transparent MJ to an exhausted, isolated Jordan. 

As usual, we also got a trip down memory lane of the first three-peat. MJ feeling insulted that Drexler was talked about as his peer. Toni Kukoč’s suffering because MJ and Scottie were mad at Jerry Krause. Carles Barkley playing a monster finals series and still losing. If you want to know more about these stories, we got you covered.

Episodes 1 & 2 set the stage with Michael and Scottie, 3 & 4 gave us Phil and Dennis, 5 & 6 set up the ’98 playoffs and MJ getting tired with it all. That means 7 & 8 could reveal more about the first retirement and what was it really like to be his teammate. Can’t wait!