The Celtics owner blames Irving’s exit for this year’s struggles

The Celtics owner blames Irving’s exit for this year’s struggles

The Boston Celtics haven’t figure out what they want to do this year. The team sits at 9th place of the Eastern Conference, and their recent presentations on the court aren’t looking hopeful for their fans. The Celtics managing partner, CEO, and Governor Wyc Grousbeck recently stated that Kyrie Irving‘s exit led to its problems this season. Grousbeck explained why Irving’s decision to leave TD Garden still affects this Boston team.

“We had hoped Kyrie would stay forever and lead us all the way. He’s on maybe the best team on the league right now and so that’s that. That change touched off a lot of stuff because he left, we weren’t maybe able to recruit free agents in the same way, and a bit of a domino effect. But it is what it is. We went for it with Kyrie. We had a good year with him. He tried hard and then he moved on.”

Wyc Grousbeck

The problem with Grozsbeck’s comments is that the Irving departure to the Brooklyn Nets went down two years ago. In addition to that, Irving was injured in the second part of the 2017/18 season, and despite that, Boston went to the Eastern Conference Finals, in which they’ve lost to Cleveland. Also, the Celtics were last year’s finalists in the East, where they’ve lost to the Miami Heat. So, if you put all things together, Boston was successful without Kyrie. In the one season (2018/19) in which they had healthy Irving, the Celtics lost in five games in the second round against the Milwaukee Bucks.

It’s hard to believe that Irving is the reason why the Celtics are currently out of the playoff picture, and more importantly, out of shape in general. Maybe their owner wanted to provoke a reaction from his players, or he’s pointing fingers at Kemba Walker, who is playing well under his usual level this year.

We’ll see how Brad Stevens and his players will react to Grousbeck’s words and motivate them. At this moment, the Celtics need every impulse they can get. Before the Pacers game, the Celtics have recorded eight losses in their last 11 games. Everyone in Boston is hoping that the tough stretch is going to end soon.