The Cam Reddish trade could be the first domino in the Hawks getting Ben Simmons

The Cam Reddish trade could be the first domino in the Hawks getting Ben Simmons

One of the hottest news in the NBA yesterday was the trade that went down between the Hawks and the Knicks. Atalanta sent Cam Reddish, Solomon Hill, and a 2025 second-round pick to New York in exchange for Kevin Knox and a 2022 first-round pick. This seems like a great move for the Knicks, getting a young prospect like Reddsih for such a small package. Hawks fans are probably scratching their head, but there could be a much bigger move brewing behind all of this.

Reddish’s opportunity to shine, the end for Knox?

Reddish was one of the hottest prospects in the 2019 Draft and with sound reasoning. The 6’8” forwards is a versatile offensive player that definitely has a place in today’s NBA. After struggling to stay on the court for his first two seasons, Reddish has finally managed to stay healthy and produce consistently, averaging 11.9 ppg this season. Cam will be a welcomed addition for the Knicks, who need a scoring punch from their wing positions.

On the other side, the Knicks have decided to move on from Kevin Knox. The 9th pick of the 2018 Draft has been a total disappointment for the Knicks, and it’s hard to imagine him reviving his career in Atlanta. To be honest, this movie was more based on getting something for Cam Reddish due to the financial inability to pay him this summer. And that was the 2022 first-round pick owned by the Charlotte Hornets. Now, this might not be the most elusive asset, but it could be just a chip of a bigger package in a much bigger trade.

Ben Simmons to Atlanta?

Figuring out a Ben Simmons deal has been of the most talked-about topics this NBA season. The Sixers star is refusing to play and patiently holding out until traded. That, mixed with his poor performance in last year’s playoffs, has made it impossible for Morey to find a suitable trade package.

One of the most talked-about teams to inquire about Simmons lately has been the Atlanta Hawks. Things got back to reality after an amazing run last season that saw the Hawks make the Eastern Conference Finals. The Hawks are currently 12th in the East, with a 17-23 record. Trae Young is doing his thing, but the rest of the team has underperformed.

There was strong talk about the Hawks sending John Collins, a couple of picks, and another solid role player to Philly in exchange for Ben Simmons. The only thing holding down the trade is the Sixers trying to fit Tobias Harris in the deal, which is not a fit on the court and, even more importantly, financially.

The pick they got from the Reddish trade could definitely be used in a potential Simmons trade, and to be honest, that is a move the Hawks should make. Trae and Ben could be the new one-two punch of the Hawks, trying to emulate what Curry and Draymond have been doing for years. It would also fix the Hawks biggest problem: defense.

On the other hand, the Sixers would get a great player in John Collins, some draft capital, possibly another role player like Huerter or Bogdanović, while getting rid of the distraction in Simmons. If they even manage to get Tobias in there, it would be a complete win for Morey, but I can’t see the Hawks doing that unless total desperation for the roster’s reconstruction happens. The way things are going right now in ATL, that is not a far-fetch.