The Bucks broke Golden State’s record

The Bucks broke Golden State’s record

Load management has significantly reduced our appreciation for the regular season. Was it a back to back a.k.a. a schedule loss? Did their best players play in the game? A regular-season win isn’t as impressive as it was in the past. Because of that, we are ignoring the historic season the Bucks are having, and we should be doing the complete opposite.

The Bucks became the first team to clinch a berth in this season’s playoffs. Feb. 23 is the earliest date on the calendar that a team has secured in NBA history. Who’s record did they break? The 2017 Golden State Warriors. There are a lot of comparisons with this year’s Bucks and Warriors. For instance, if they wanted to, the Bucks are in a position to challenge their 73 wins. They are currently sitting at 48 – 8 and are projected to win 70 games.

That’s not even the best part. Giannis is averaging only 30.9 minutes a game!! Every other player is playing under 30 minutes per game, andhe Bucks have 12 players averaging over 10 minutes game. Giannis is averaging 30/13.6/5.8, with an effective field goal percentage of 59%, but this is truly a team achievement.

Khris Middleton is playing 29.7 minutes a game, and is posting 20.7/6.5/4.2 and is on his way to finishing the season in the 50/40/90 club. He is currently shooting 50.8% from the field, an insane 44.3% from the three, and 90.5% from the free-throw line. Two more players are giving them double digits per game: Eric Bledsoe is averaging 15.7/4.7/5.4, and Brook Lopez is averaging 10.7/4.5/1.7.

The Bucks are closing in on another historical feat. They are currently the 3rd best offense in the NBA, with an offensive rating at 113.7. They are the best defense in the league, with a defensive rating at 101.9. That gives them a net rating of +12.41! The second-best team in the league by net rating are the Lakers with +7.4.

In historical terms, +12.41 would make the Bucks the best regular-season team in NBA history. The ’95/’96 Bulls finished at +12.24, and the ’16/’17 Warriors are third at +11.63. Not bad company to be in. Even with all the load management and teams using the regular season only as preparation for the playoffs, we need to appreciate how great this team is.