The 1$ million dollar kick by Dennis Rodman

The 1$ million dollar kick by Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is regarded as the best rebounder in NBA history and also a fierce defensive powerhouse who won 5 NBA championships in his long and productive career.

Rodman was also one of the biggest sports celebrities in the ’90s and there was always a lot of controversies where he went and whatever he did. On the basketball court, it was no different and he had many infamous moments against other players.

For the most part, he would never get in a real fight but had the incredible ability to agitate and get players out of their rhythms. Rodman would also interact with pretty much everybody who happened to be in the arena that night and we take a trip down the memory lane when he actually assaulted the sideline cameraman.

The event happened on this date in January of the 1996/97 season in a regular season game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Bulls won that game 112-102 but the main story was the fine Rodman received after he kicked Eugene Amos in the third quarter.

Rodman initially thought the whole thing was blown out of proportions and the cameraman was overreacted.

“It’s one thing to be hurt, but don’t pretend you’re more seriously hurt than you are, I wasn’t trying to hurt somebody. I’m not trying to hurt someone. He got carried off on a stretcher? It was a little bit dramatic to me. Maybe I’ll send him some roses on the floor — Love, Dennis.”

Michael Jordan who was at that time Rodman’s teammates stood behind him and said they need to move on because the decision can’t be undone.

”I think we’re all disappointed.’I think Dennis is disappointed that he let the team down. It’s just a fact that we have to move on. We can’t sit here and belabor the point. No matter what we say or what we do, we’re not going to change David Stern’s point of view.”

The league would proceed to give Dennis Rodman one of the biggest fines at that time in the NBA suspending him for 11 unpaid games and giving him a fine for $25,000. The suspension without pay eventually cost Rodman $1 million dollars and it was a type of thing that blow out of proportions if it happened in today’s world of social media.