That time the NBA allowed a TV host to play in an actual game

That time the NBA allowed a TV host to play in an actual game

Back in the day, the NBA wasn’t so strict with rules. There was no dress code, there weren’t that many fines or suspensions. It was a much more relaxed league then it is today, and this event was the perfect example of it.

Back in 1990 former NFL player and TV host, Ahmad Rashad got a chance to practice and play in a preseason game for the Philadelphia 76ers. David Stern who was a commissioner at the time allowed it.

He was far from the most skilled guy, but he gave it all he got in practice and in the game. In his two and a half minutes of shine, the coach drew up a play for him, as he managed to knock down a jumper and retire with a 100% field goal percentage. The 76ers bench was going crazy as the crowd was confused on why he was on the team.

The reason Ahmad got the chance to play was that he had just signed a deal with NBC-TV were he would host his NBA Show called “Inside Stuff”. So they decided to use this as a promotion for the new show, as they let Ahmad play in an actual preseason game in front of over 18 000 fans.

For example, recently there was a similar situation in the league when the Dallas Mavericks wanted to let Cowboys legend Tony Romo play a few minutes in a meaningless game against the Denver Nuggets. But the new commissioner Adam Silver wasn’t having it. Too bad, as it probably would have been a lot of fun to see.