That time Reggie Miller missed an opportunity to win a championship with the Boston Celtics

That time Reggie Miller missed an opportunity to win a championship with the Boston Celtics

Reggie Miller also called “Knick Killer” because of his precise three-point shootings in pressure situations, played his entire 18- year-long NBA career with the Indiana Pacers.  He played from 1987 until 2005, when he retired. Since his retirement he has been working as a television analyst for TNT.

Even though he retired and never played for any other NBA team other than Indiana, in 2007, just two seasons after being out of the NBA he considered to come back and join the Boston Celtics.

It was a huge story at the time, and everyone reported it.

According to ESPN, Miller was contacted by Celtics manager Danny Ainge and coach Doc Rivers. They asked him to join their team in a reserve role, playing at least for 15 minutes per game.

“[I have] contacted Reggie and he is contemplating a comeback with us,” Ainge told The Associated Press through a team spokesman back in 2007.

However, Miller spoke this year with the Boston Globe about the offer of Boston Celtics and admitted that he would have come back to join them if Danny Ainge had contacted him earlier.  At least three months earlier, he said.

“It wasn’t enough time for me to shock my body, as an NBA player, you need more than a week. I probably could have played, but to me that would have been stealing if I was going to play there at 70 percent. I wanted to be 95, 100 percent for the Celtics. So if Danny would have called earlier in the summer, where I had a chance all summer just to work out and do all that, it probably would have happened because it would have been easy to train my body and get ready.”

Unfortunately, Miller didn’t reveal his reason until now, and according to Ainge, if he knew this, he would have changed his mind. He would simply give him more time to get in shape and come back when he was feeling ready.

“If Reggie had told me that at the time, I would have said, ‘Reggie, we don’t need you Nov. 1. We’ll give you until Jan. 1 to get in great shape.’”, Ainge told the Globe.

It would have been a pleasure to see this Hall of Famer had his first ring, but no matter what, he will always be remembered as an Indiana Pacers legend. A man who ranks in top 25 in all-time scoring, second of all time in 3- point shooting behind Ray Allen, who broke his record in 2011.