That time Orlando tweeted their entire free agency board

That time Orlando tweeted their entire free agency board

Do you know who Patricio Garino is? You have no reason to, except if you’re an Orlando Magic fan. The day Garino signed his rookie contract is one of the most embarrassing days in Magic franchise history, and that’s saying something. Here’s a photo of the moment it happened.

Actually, the photo is the thing that happened. While Garino’s agent was sharing this life-changing moment for his client, he also shared the Magic’s entire free agency plan. The list consisted of 58 names, ranging from realistic to farfetched—such an Orlando thing to do.

In an attempt to do some damage control, then GM Rob Hennigan said the lists are “not indicative of plans” and were “simply listing options, including some of which other teams have inquired about.

The thing that caught everyone’s eye was “Saric (for AG?)” Dario Šarić was a rookie in the NBA and, his great play got him in the Rookie of the Year conversation. AG could only have been Aaron Gordon, and this got awkward quickly in Orlando. While players understand only a few guys are truly untreadable, you never want to find out something like this. When asked about a potential trade, Šarić was not impressed.

“They have opportunity [in the 2014 draft]. They trade me. That’s life.”

Dario Šarić

The Magic actually drafted Šarić in 2014 and traded him for Elfrid Payton on draft night. So not only did they reveal their plan to everyone on Twitter, but we found out they considered trading their cornerstone player for a guy they had in the first place.

Hennigan left his position in Orlando in 2017, and while his draft record is pretty decent, Hennigan’s asset management left a lot to be desired. Jeff Weltman and Josh Hammond now run the show and have done a much better job overall, but still haven’t been able to get the team out of Eastern mediocrity.