That Time Kobe Bryant Bet 500K On A Clutch Free Throw

That Time Kobe Bryant Bet 500K On A Clutch Free Throw

We know Kobe is one of the most unfazed, craziest, and coldest players to ever play the game of basketball, and this moment was the perfect example of it.

In a 2012-2013 regular-season game, Kobe’s Lakers were hosting the Brooklyn Nets in a tight game. Gerald Wallace was guarding Kobe for most of the night, as a bit of trash talk you could say was, of course, involved.

With 4.8 seconds to go in the game, the Lakers were up by 1, as Kobe had two free throws to put the game away. After he hit his first free throw, some chit-chat between him and Wallace began.

Wallace was trying to get into Kobe’s head, but that was a mission set to fail from the start. Kobe just smiled and responded (via Bleacher Report):

“How much you want to put on it? How much you want to put on it? Five grand? Right here?”

Wallace had a proposition of his own, as he wanted him to shoot with his eyes closed, but Kobe then upped the price to 500 thousand dollars. A pretty significant stake. Wallace wasn’t up for it:

“I was trying to get him to close his eyes to shoot.”

“I had to make a big bet, so I told him just shoot the free throws.”

Kobe would go on to hit the free throw with his eyes open and smile as he walked back to the bench. The Lakers ended up winning 90-95 that night, but we doubt Kobe got any money from Wallace.

The fact Kobe was willing to shoot critical free throws with his eyes closed for the right price shows how relentless and confident Kobe was.

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