That time Gerald Wallace offered $5000 if Kobe missed a free throw

That time Gerald Wallace offered $5000 if Kobe missed a free throw

There have been amazing trash-talking stories in NBA history. You can also call it a “game within a game” where some players try to gain an edge by not just playing basketball but also trying to get in other players heads. This can often backfire because you never know what can happen afterward.

We take a trip back memory lane to 2012 and the famous trash talking between Kobe Bryant and Gerald Wallace that happened on the free throw line. The Lakers won that game against NJ Nets but the most interesting thing that happened was when Kobe Bryant attempted to a free throw.

Wallace tried to challenge Bryant by telling him to shoot the free-throw with eyes closed. Instead, he offered $5000 that Bryant will miss his free throws. You could immediately tell that Kobe took upon the challenge and casually sink the shot.

“I was trying to get him to close his eyes to shoot. Turns out he would’ve – for a steep price. “I had to make a big bet. “So I told him just shoot the free throws.”

This was definitely a bold move by Wallace, however, after various clutch shots in his career, there was no way Kobe would also miss this free throws. It’s also amazing to see two players going against each other in that fashion and basically creating their own personal game within the game. It brings the best of them and then you can really see the competitiveness at it’s purest form.