Terry Rozier on the future: “I want to get my chance”

Terry Rozier on the future: “I want to get my chance”

Terry Rozier has talked about his future at the Boston Celtics and expressed doubts about staying there in case the team stays together.

I have to go through a lot this year and I think we all know that I do not want to go through that again,” said Rozier on the ESPN show First Take. Similarly, he expressed himself earlier at Get Up.

For the disappointing season, in particular, Rozier also found clear words: “I think I had to sacrifice my talent the most – I felt I could not be the person I am this year.”

Rozier made no secret about the reasons, which kind of “stopped” his development: “I’ve been in the shadow of some guys, the ball was mostly in the hands of Kyrie (Irving) or Gordon (Hayward) so I was either in the corner or I was sitting on the bench.”

Terry Rozier on the future: “I want to get my chance”

After Rozier started in all playoff games in the last season and had an important role on reaching the Conference Finals (16.5 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game), he had to be satisfied with a reduced role this year – an experience that was “very complicated” for him.

Rozier becomes Restricted Free Agent in the summer and has clear ideas for his future: “I want to get my chance, either at the Celtics or somewhere else, I can be myself everywhere and play my game, I do not care where I go.”

The Boston Celtics were defeated by the Milwaukee Bucks in the Conference Semifinals with 1-4 and they were mostly without the chance, Bucks were a better team. Before the season, the Celtics were still considered as a top team and as one of the biggest contenders in the Eastern Conference, but they could not retrieve their potential.