Team USA roster is set for the Olympic Games in Tokyo

Team USA roster is set for the Olympic Games in Tokyo

Over the past few weeks, more and more NBA players started confirming or declining the option to play for Team USA at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. There was some concern after LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Stephen Curry said they would not participate in the Olympics. Now it was confirmed Jerami Grant would replace James Harden, who decided to take care of his hamstring injury during the summer.

That means the team is now pretty much completed with the following 12 players on the roster for Tokyo.

Kevin Durant
Damian Lillard
Bradley Beal
Jayson Tatum
Devin Booker
Zach LaVine
Draymond Green
Jrue Holiday
Khris Middleton
Bam Adebayo
Jerami Grant
Kevin Love

As you can see, the team primarily consists of guards and forwards, with Bam Adebayo being the only true big man on the squad, even though he is also a bit undersized for a center. It will be a predominantly small ball-playing style Team USA will have on at the Olympics, and it will be interesting to see if the lack of true big men will potentially hurt their chances to win the gold medal.

This roster has enough firepower on offense to beat any team at the tournament; however, the coaching staff will have to figure out how to build chemistry fast because the Olympics start in less than a month. Some players that already said they would participate but are still competing in the NBA playoffs won’t have a lot of time to recover, which might impact the way they perform in Tokyo. Time will tell if this team has what it takes to win, but they definitely have enough talent to win another gold medal for the USA.

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