Team Donda or Team Certified Lover Boy: NBA stars take sides about Kanye, Drake new albums

Team Donda or Team Certified Lover Boy: NBA stars take sides about Kanye, Drake new albums

Kanye West and Drake recently released new albums, and fans cannot help but compare which is better. Basketball players who are closely associated with each rapper shared their thoughts.

Team Donda

Donda is Kanye West’s 10th album. It was supposed to be released last year but came out only on August 29. As with Kanye’s past albums, fans could expect the theatrics, flair, rich context, and all-star collaborators on Donda. So far, there are mixed views on the album. Critics claim it fell short of expectations given the hype surrounding its creation and release.

Donda featured Weeknd, Lil Baby, Pop Smoke, Roddy Ricch, Scott, Jay-Z, and Young Thug, but even artists such as Chris Brown and Soulja Boy could not help but get disappointed with the final product. Fans waited for over 18 months for Donda to finish, and along with the waiting came the extravagant events only an artist of Kanye’s magnitude can pull off. He was in the middle of getting a divorce from Kim Kardashian. While it may have resulted in difficulties finishing off the album, West’s fans are looking forward to his artistry pre-Kardashian era. 

Kevin Durant was on Team Donda because he allegedly had some contributions to it. KD gave his inputs after getting early access to it as tweeted by Tim Reynolds.

Now, assuming that Kanye used Durant’s input, it’s safe to think that he is on Team Donda. Meanwhile, on the track entitled “Junya,” West mentioned Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo.

“Let me be honest, I run with the Bucks boy, lemme Giannis.”

The finals MVP getting a shout-out from Kanye West could mean the rapper follows the career of The Greek Freak and is a fan. For the fun of it, let’s include Giannis among the Team Donda. 

Team Certified Lover Boy (CLB)

Drake was a constant on the sidelines, especially on All-Star games or NBA finals. Some critics even call him bandwagon for the various teams he roots for. Sometimes, he supports the hometown team Toronto Raptors while he’s watching LeBron James in other games. No matter what others say to him, the Canadian rapper enjoys close ties with several NBA players. 

Kawhi Leonard recently appeared in a music video for Drake entitled “Way 2 Sexy.” Leonard could be seen in the video doing very not Kawhi Leonard things such as dancing. Not everyone can get Leonard’s approval to star in their video and his appearance proves one thing: two are close friends. 

On the other hand, other stars also expressed excitement over the release of Certified Lover Boy, most notably, Steph Curry and LeBron James. 

Drake also mentioned Giannis in one of his tracks, and KD also threw support for CLB, so it’s quite clear that the God’s Plan rapper enjoys more significant support from NBA players. It does not help that rival Kanye West lambasted the NBA in 2020 and called it “modern day slave ships.”