Tacko Fall should play at least 20 mpg for the Boston Celtics.

Tacko Fall should play at least 20 mpg for the Boston Celtics.

Tacko Fall needs to get significantly more playing time and perhaps even be considered as the starting center of the Boston Celtics, here’s why.

To begin with, he’s the tallest man in the league — standing at 7 feet and 5 inches. He also has the largest wingspan and standing reach in the game, thus providing an intimidating presence in the paint.

Some will argue basketball has evolved and is no longer exclusively a tall man’s game, where Tacko’s role as a center is obsolete, but I’d beg to differ. Dominant big men will always be dominant big men.

Per 36 min

Tacko only played three games this season and spent 11 minutes on the court. Therefore all Stats need to be taken with a grain of salt, but that being said — Tacko is ranked 1st in points and rebounds according to the per 36 minutes stat with 42.5 points and 22.9 rebounds a game. Give this man a chance, Brad! Come on.

These numbers are not realistic of course. Tacko will probably never average 40+ points and 20 rebounds a game. However, it’s good to know that you have a player with that kind of scoring potential on your team. Furthermore, Tacko played only garbage minutes and we have yet to see how he’ll respond if Boston decides to give him consistent playing time.

Fall has a super soft touch around the rim and relatively quick feet for a BIG guy. He’s not as fast as KAT or Embiid, of course. But I have a feeling that in time Tacko will prove himself as a unique asset for the Celtics. Something like Boban Marjanovic on steroids, and here’s why.

He’s surprisingly fit and well-coordinated for a player of his size. In terms of being physically prepared, Tacko is in solid shape and seems to carry his weight easily. He’s not too heavy and can consistently run up and down the floor. I must admit he looks much better than I had anticipated.

His running mechanics are solid, and he has a very good musculature for a guy of his size, also seems to be getting stronger. As a result, he definitely can’t get bullied on the court compared to other lanky centers.

Give the people what they want!

The love for Tacko Fall is real. Especially by the Boston crowd. Every time he subs in, he gets a standing ovation. People want to see him on the court. Give the people what they want!

Fan voting for the 2020 All-Star game is out, and despite playing in only three career games, Fall ranked sixth in votes among Eastern Conference frontcourt players. Tacko has a total of 110,269 votes, finishing right behind Jimmy Butler and Celtics teammate Jayson Tatum.

Tacko is currently signed on a two-way contract with the Boston Celtics, which means he’ll be spending more time in their G League team, the Maine Red Claws. Danny Ainge better re-think his strategy because he has a real gem with Tacko Fall.