Tacko Fall’s official measurements at the NBA Combine are insane

Tacko Fall’s official measurements at the NBA Combine are insane

If you look at most mock draft boards, Tacko Fall isn’t projected to make the first round. Not surprising with the pace and space, small ball direction the NBA is going.

Despite all that, teams need rim protection and as a big if you are capable of executing a pick and roll, there are NBA minutes for you. If nothing else, holding down the fort while the first team is taking a breather. No matter what analytics say, basketball is a game of height.

Tacko is participating in the NBA Combine and made a strong case for himself before a single workout. Braking “every figure in our database for height, wingspan and reach, dating back to the 80s” is helpful to get a team to say “why not” in the second round.

To put things into perspective, Rudy Gobert is 7 ft 1 in and has a 7 ft 9 in wingspan. You can’t understand how big this young man is until you see him live. Players of his size had some success in the NBA, but you have to be freakishly mobile for your size to make it in the league. 

When it comes to being physically prepared, Tacko seems to fit the bill. He’s not too heavy, 6.8% body fat is wild – you don’t want a lot of weight on those knees and ankles.

With these measurements, Tacko is the prime candidate for “Tacko Fall names all XY players drafted before him in the 2019 Draft” a few years from now. If your team takes a swing in the second round, Tacko would makes sense.