Swaggy P: “Steve Kerr rolls the best blunts”

Swaggy P: “Steve Kerr rolls the best blunts”

Nick “Swaggy P” Young is one of the craziest characters in the NBA. From the whole D’Angelo Russell thing to his ongoing friendship with Gilbert Arenas, he never fails to entertain.

Our most recent episode happened when Young called in to “The Damon Bruce Show with Ratto & Kolsky.” He called in, and Bruce immediately hit him with one of the most pressing questions in the NBA. “Who rolls the best blunt in the NBA?”

“Oh no, you know, that’s snitchin’. I can’t be snitchin’, probably one of the coaches. Probably Steve Kerr.”

Kerr publicly spoke about using marijuana for his chronic back pain but said it, unfortunately, didn’t help him with pain management, so he only tried it a few times. Never the less, Kerr is a vocal supporter of using medical marijuana instead of prescription drugs, most notably Vicodin.

So we will still have to wait to get a serious answer from Young on that one, but he did talk about D’Angelo Russell joining the Warriors and his personal relationship with him after Russell posted Young talking about cheating on Iggy Azelia. The guys on the show asked him if he squashed the beef with D’Angelo.

“OH NO!! He closer to L.A. now, right? No, can’t be cool. No coming back from that.”

He sounded quite happy, and in the mood, so it seems he isn’t so upset anymore. The man that gave us one of the greatest clip in NBA history, Swaggy P never disappoints.

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