Steve Nash reflects on playing with Kobe Bryant: “It was more fun competing against him”

Steve Nash reflects on playing with Kobe Bryant: “It was more fun competing against him”

In a recent interview for The Pat McAfee Show, Steve Nash reflected on his short time playing for the Los Angeles Lakers being teammates with Kobe Bryant who was known as being very tough and demanding towards everybody who played with him on the same team.

Nash joined the Lakers at the age of 38 when he was well past his prime in hopes of finally winning a championship. He joined a team that already had Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard, and Ron Artest, however, injuries took a toll on that team and they never reached their full potential.  Nash also reflected on his time playing with Kobe Bryant on the same team and said there was always a hard wall between them on the court simply because they were rivals for such a long time when Nash played for the Suns.

“It was actually a bit strange because we were drafted in the same draft a few spots from each other. We played against each other in the playoffs three times so to be teammates was bizarre in a sense because there was always a hard wall between us on the court. We kind of grew up together in this league and make careers for ourselves and there was a respect that made it easy.”

In two years with the Lakers, Nash played in only 65 games and admits he never really felt like Kobe was his teammate simply because he missed a lot of games and afterward Kobe tore his Achilles. Nash enjoyed competing against Kobe and said those will be some of the best times in his long and illustrious career.

“It was unfortunate because I broke my knee second game with the Lakers and he ruptured his Achilles later that season. He missed the next year and I played like 11 games. In his final year, I retired in the training camp. It was a great experience playing with him but the reality is that we didn’t play much together, probably around 50 games together or something. More than actually playing together it was better for me to compete against him for the majority of my career.”