Steve Kerr’s interesting comparison of Stephen Curry and Tim Duncan

Steve Kerr’s interesting comparison of Stephen Curry and Tim Duncan

In a recent interview with Kit Rachlis from the California Sunday Magazine, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr talked about different topics involving coaching and his personal life in general.

Kit Rachlis asked an interesting question on one or two players which would Steve Kerr pick and talk about what makes or made them great?

His admiration for Stephen Curry is astonishing considering the relationship the two had in recent years after Kerr took over as a head coach for the Warriors.

“Well, Steph is the obvious one, so I’ll talk about him a little bit. He’s one of the most unique players who’s ever played. Very few guys his size have ever had this kind of impact on the game. He’s pretty much exactly my size, 6 foot 3, 190 pounds. It’s a different game today. You can’t put your hands on him. Twenty years ago, you would have been able to put two hands on him to try and slow him down a little bit and be physical with him. You can’t do that now. “

Kerr also thinks there hasn’t been a player in the NBA yet with such an impressive range.

“Still, I’ve never seen anybody with this kind of shooting range and the ability to shoot off the dribble or catch and shoot. Most guys are significantly better one way rather than the other, but he can shoot standing still, off the dribble, left, right, forward, backward — it doesn’t matter. He’s just got an incredible touch.”

An interesting comparison between Curry and one other NBA legend is noticeable from Steve Kerr’s point of view. And that player is none other than Tim Duncan who even though is completely opposite as a player but his demeanor is quite similar to Steph’s.

“I think what makes him unique is his personality. Sometimes I’ll refer to him as the short Tim Duncan, because he’s got that same impact that Tim had on the Spurs in terms of this genuine humility in his daily life and concern and thoughts for other people and for the world and for his community, and yet, he has this great arrogance on the floor, where he knows he’s the best player out there. Pretty wicked package. Very few players I’ve ever been around have possessed that combination.”

photo by Noah Salzman