STEVE KERR “The Bulls dynasty ended for a reason.”

STEVE KERR “The Bulls dynasty ended for a reason.”

Nowadays, Steve Kerr is known as the Golden State Warriors head coach, but before winning three titles in the Bay, he was part of one of the greatest dynasties in basketball history, the 90s Chicago Bulls.

Recently, Kerr sat down with Matt Barnes on a Showtime special “All The Smoke” and talked about everything ranging from social activism to his playing and coaching careers.

One of the most interesting excerpts from the podcast interview, however, was the part in which Kerr reminisced on his glory days with the Bulls and gave his take on the main question posed in the now legendary “Last Dance” documentary.

After helping the Bulls win five championships in 7 years, Kerr was there when the ‘Windy City’ dynasty infamously came to an end in the summer of 1998, and this is what he had to say about it:

“We knew we were doneThere’s an emotional toll that is so big that’s it’s hard for people to understand. When a team loses its edge, it’s energy, it’s motivation, it’s just over.

Steve Kerr, “All The Smoke”

He went on to explain in detail how, after such a long reign, it was inevitable for the legendary Bulls team to hit a plateau.

As Kerr stated above, the general consensus of the people of Chicago and the main narrative of the “Last Dance” was that MJ and The Bulls could have on more championships if Jerry Krause, along with the rest of management, hadn’t broken them up.

The last 3-peat team led by Michael Jordan and backed by current and future Hall of Famers such as Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Toni Kukoc on paper might have still looked amazing in 98′, so naturally, the conspiracy became a fan favorite.

But as you can tell, Kerr firmly disagrees with that theory. We’re not sure how to feel about this, but it seems as if his arguments are valid, as we all know father time catches up with everyone, even the GOATs.