Steve Kerr talks about Steph Curry’s and Klay Thompson’s return this season

Steve Kerr talks about Steph Curry’s and Klay Thompson’s return this season

The Golden State is currently the second-worst team in the NBA after years of pure dominance in the NBA. The biggest reason for their slow start this season is the absence of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. The dynamic duo hasn’t played a single game this season but in a recent interview with Steve Kerr shared more information on the possible return of the two players.

Stephen Curry is still battling his hand injury, and according to Kerr, we might see him back in action sometime in March. Klay, on the other hand, will probably not come back from his ACL injury this season, but the Warriors coaching staff is feeling positive he will come back as the same player next season for the team.

“Steph, for sure. His injury is not so serious as Klay’s dealing with a hand and not a knee. We are going to re-evaluate Steph sometime in February, but I think there is an excellent chance he comes back in March, late in the season. We would all welcome that. I think our fans deserve to see him play; he’s dying to play. Our young players want to play with him, so if we can get him back at the end of the season, I think it would be great. I doubt Klay will play coming off an ACL injury. We wouldn’t want to put him in jeopardy.”

Whether the Warriors will play Curry this season is still questionable. It will be great for fans to see Curry on the floor playing; however, it makes sense for them to rest him and be in a position of getting a high pick in the draft. Whatever decision their management makes, it’s evident this season is lost, but the preparation for the next one might soon start.

Steve Kerr on Steph Curry and Klay Thompson’s return this season: “Steph for sure… I think there’s an excellent chance he comes back in March… Klay I doubt will play.” from r/nba