Steve Kerr shares why Stephen Curry reminds him of Michael Jordan

Steve Kerr shares why Stephen Curry reminds him of Michael Jordan

If someone had the chance to see numerous great players first hand, it’s Steve Kerr. As a player, he was a vital part of the notorious Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan. And today, as a coach, he is the brain behind the Warriors dynasty led by Stephen Curry. So if someone is qualified to compare the two stars, it is Steve Kerr. That is precisely what Kerr did, as he praised Curry for his performances this season and drew a comparison to the great Michael Jordan.

“He’s reminding me of MJ in that you just get so used to the brilliance and the excellence, it sort of blends in with everything else. It just becomes routine. It’s insane to say that because what you’re watching is otherworldly, and yet you sort of begin to expect it. That’s probably the purest sign of greatness.”

Steve Kerr, ESPN

The Warriors are not the force they used to be anymore, but that didn’t stop Steph Curry from returning this season with a boom. He is averaging the best numbers of his career, scoring 31.3 ppg along with 5.5 rpg and 5.8 apg, while carrying the Warriors to, most likely, the play-in tournament. 

But his amazing season has been overlooked because of the greatness we have seen from Curry in the past years and the Warriors not being relevant. That’s where Kerr saw the similarity with MJ. In a sense, Jordan was the face of the league for so many years, and fans expected nothing less than spectacular performances on a regular nightly basis. Curry and Jordan maybe are two completely different players in terms of playing style. Still, one thing they share is their impact on the game, as both of these superstars transcended the way the game is played and changed the course of NBA history dramatically.

Circle every Warriors game on the calendar and make sure you’re in front of a screen when it starts. We’ll start to fully appreciate the greatness of Steph Curry once it’s gone.