Steve Kerr said Kevin Durant intentionally called plays to get Stephen Curry going

Steve Kerr said Kevin Durant intentionally called plays to get Stephen Curry going

The Golden State Warriors are having a great start into the new year and finally looking like themselves after a slow start to the season.

Truth to be told, they did have problems with injuries so it took them a bit longer to get in real shape, but they are now showing the NBA, why they won 2 championships in a row.

The chemistry in that time is something that was already at the full display when Klay Thompson recognized Steph Curry as one of the nicest guys on and off the court.  The chemistry and culture that was built throughout the years are one of the key aspects of success for the Warriors.

Stephen Curry finished the game with 48 points, having one of his classical performances shooting the lights out from pretty much everywhere on the court. The Warriors won that game 114-119, and Kevin Durant also had a monster game with 28 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists and he insisted the ball should go to Stephen Curry who was clearly unstoppable.

After their win against the Mavericks last night, Steve Kerr shared a bit more insight into the good atmosphere within his team.

“He knew Steph had it going. There were a couple plays I called for Kevin and he said, ‘No no. Let’s flip it.”

Things are obviously going well with the Warriors who are currently second in the western conference and only one win away to become the leading team on a very strong wild west.

The chemistry and energy the Warriors are showing lately should be something all NBA teams should be afraid of, because when Warriors are playing at this tempo, there isn’t much teams who could beat them in a seven-game game series.