Steve Kerr explains why every young basketball player should start with soccer

Steve Kerr explains why every young basketball player should start with soccer

Steve Kerr is one of the most successful people in the NBA, with eight championships to his name. He had immense success as a player and as a coach of the Golden State Warriors. He is also a big fan of soccer, especially his favorite team Liverpool that plays in the Premiership.

In a recent interview for The Man of Blazers, Kerr talked about things related to soccer, but he also touched upon the similarities between basketball and soccer. Kerr believes there is a lot of useful things basketball players can learn from playing soccer that would primarily help them become better basketball players.

“If I were the czar of American basketball and I had to say, ‘all right, I’m in charge of youth basketball in America. I would make every player coming through the youth basketball program play football because it translates directly. The problem in basketball today [is] the young players are coming up, and they just try to beat everybody one-on-one with the dribble. They’re unbelievably gifted dribbling the ball, but they don’t understand the pass and the move. Which is what football would teach them.”

Kerr mentioned Steve Nash and Toni Kukoc as some of the players he was able to interact with throughout his career that played soccer, which helped them perform better on the basketball court. He said they understood the concept of triangles better, but also their passing was superb and more superior.

“They understand the concept of triangles, they understand the concept of passing the ball and cutting behind the man defending, right?” Kerr said. “That’s what football is: Finding angles, creating opportunities, creating scoring chances.”