Steve Kerr compares the Lakers to the 73-9 Warriors

Steve Kerr compares the Lakers to the 73-9 Warriors

In professional sports, we often see that champions sometimes get a little bit loose and relaxed after winning it all, especially in the NBA. But it seems that for the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James, the grind hasn’t stopped.

The Lakers have started the season great, as they are currently standing at the top of the stacked Western Conference with an 11-4 record, and lead the league with a +10.2 average point differential. Surprisingly and unconventionally, all of their losses came at home while being 7-0 on the road. That may be a direct result of no fans in the stands, but it is still impressive never the less.

Ahead of the Warriors-Lakers matchup, Warriors coach Steve Kerr spoke about the task at hand and gave his praise to the Lakers:

“They have the confidence that comes with winning a championship, and they don’t have the fatigue that comes with winning multiple championships. This is really a sweet spot. Kind of where we found ourselves the year we won 73.”

Steve Kerr, East Bay Times

Kerr elaborated a bit more on that statement. As much as the Lakers were unhappy with such a quick turnaround after the Orlando bubble, it may have benefited them. Others have to get up to speed, the Lakers are already there.

“You come back, and it’s almost like a continuation of your championship season. You’re on top of the world. Everybody’s happy. You add some layers to what you already did. [And you have] deeper confidence in what you’re doing.”

Steve Kerr, East Bay Times

The Warriors did manage to come back after being down 19 and winning an exciting, close game against the Lakers. But that doesn’t demean the point Kerr was making – the Lakers look like the best team in the NBA, without any sign of slowing down. All the roster changes seem to have brought it fresh blood needed to keep the intensity going. 

Kerr certainly knows how all-time great teams look like, playing for the 72-10 Chicago Bulls and coaching the 73-9 Warriors, so for him to say that the current Lakers squad has that potential carries a lot of weight. 

If they keep playing at this pace and level, it is certainly achievable, but knowing LeBron James and his goals, he is more focused on getting to the playoffs as fresh and healthy as possible so that he could get to ring number five.