STEVE KERR COMPARES THE 98 BULLS TO THE MODERN DAY WARRIORS “People always ask me who would win between the modern Warriors and 96 Bulls”

With the recent documentary The Last Dance coming out, we’ll get a better insight into the Chicago Bulls and the dynasty they’ve built over the years. The Bulls were a transcendental team, that was perfectly created and had all the ingredients to win multiple championships. When people debate whether they would be able to compete in today’s NBA, it’s evident they had all the right tools to play modern-day basketball.

Steve Kerr made a guest appearance on the Zach Lower podcast, where he talked about the Bulls but also the current Golden State Warriors team is he is coaching. The Warriors are also one of the league’s best dynasties who were able to win three championships in five finals appearances playing beautiful basketball. The Warriors were superior to other teams because they had several players who could play multiple positions on both ends of the floor.

Kerr used an interesting example comparing Dennis Rodman and Draymond Green, who are both great defenders and could guard multiple positions. Kerr is convinced his former teammate, Rodman would play the center position in today’s game, which is something Draymond often plays when Kerr decides to go small ball.

“Dennis, in today’s game, would be a starting center, and he wouldn’t have a problem guarding anybody in the league. He would be the best in the league in switching on the guards and staying in front. He would be a Draymond Green, and that is the perfect analogy.”

Steve Kerr, Zach Lowe Podcast

Often, Kerr is asked to make an assessment which team would win in a seven-game series, and Kerr rightfully thinks these debates are pointless to a certain degree. According to Kerr, the Bulls were extremely versatile, and they could run different things on offense, which made them almost impossible to guard, and teams had a hard time adjusting.

“People always ask me who would win between the modern Warriors and 96 Bulls, and those debates are always impossible because the rules are different, and the game is different. Those Bulls teams were actually built for the modern game. When you had Harper, Pippen, Jordan, Kukoc and Rodman, five guys who are all 6’6″ to 6’10’, all can handle the ball, all of them could pass, and all of them could guard multiple spots.”

Steve Kerr, Zach Lowe Podcast

Kerr made a good point by saying these two teams are incredibly similar in terms of their versatility on both ends of the floor. Both squads had exceptional guards and forwards on their roster, and unlike many teams, especially in the 90, ‘s didn’t need a dominant center on their roster to win championships.