STEVE KERR AND SCOTTIE PIPPEN DESCRIBE what it looked like playing for the Bulls in 1998

STEVE KERR AND SCOTTIE PIPPEN DESCRIBE what it looked like playing for the Bulls in 1998

All the deprived basketball fans can’t wait for The Last Dance documentary to come out in 5 days. Fans can’t wait to see all the behind the scene footage of probably the greatest teams in NBA history, the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls’ popularity was at its peak in 1998 when they were going for their third straight NBA championship, and it was evident that after that season, most of the players will leave the Bulls.

In a recent interview on ESPN’s show The Jump, Scottie Pippen and Steve Kerr, who were the members of that championship squad talk about the team, especially what it looked like in their last year together. Pippen said it was the most fun he had in his career because all of them knew this might be their final season together, so everyone wanted to make the best out of the experience.

“It was a special thing. That path, that journey those three seasons. It was some of the greatest years of my life. Hanging out with these guys, knowing it was our last season, we really embraced it and did a lot of things together. Phil made it a lot of fun for us. Some of those memories you wish to bring all over again.”

Kerr remembers how Bulls head coach Phil Jackson, knew before the season that this might be their last run together. After winning the first two championships, the team was tired, and there wasn’t a lot left in the tank, but they were able to come together as a group and win it all. Kerr said Dennis Rodman perhaps drew even more attention to himself from the media and would sometimes not show to practice at all.

“Phil called it the last dance before the season even started because we were all free agents after the season ended. Because it was our third straight year trying to win a championship, everyone was exhausted. That is what I remember. Dennis was all over the map because some days he wouldn’t show up to practice, and we didn’t know where it was. It felt like the end, but we found a way to get it done.”

Small insights like these from Kerr and Pippen are one of the reasons why fans are expecting so much from this documentary. To see how players like Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, and other members on the team behaved off the court. Fans will also have the opportunity to see what was going through their minds when they established one of the most dominant and famous dynasties in all of the sports.