Steph’s only regret ever

Steph’s only regret ever

It’s fascinating how the only unanimous MVP in league history also has a reputation of being grossly underrated. Not even from the fans or the media, but mostly by his peers.

You could hear Kenrick Perkins say it during this Finals, something we’ve heard a lot of times “We are making too many excuses for Steph. Just say he didn’t play well, no excuses.

It’s partly true, most of the time when Steph underperforms, it involves an injury. Point being when he’s healthy, he is unstoppable – only possibly containable. The thing is, his style of play is revolutionary, and it breaks the wheel of so much basketball tradition – he doesn’t do it with power, he does it with skill.

That doesn’t mean his game doesn’t have flaws. As it is with many players, what makes him unique is often his biggest weakness. For Steph, it’s having fun. The man plays best when he’s having fun, when the team is joyful and relaxed. That also leads to some of the most baffling fouls and turnovers.

He is just in the moment and playing so loose, it just happens. The same energy that enables him to launch a three-pointer off balance with two guys on him, that same energy gets him in trouble. Out of all the mistakes he made, there is only one he sincerely regrets. (via NY Times)

The only regret I do have is the behind-the-back pass I threw in 2016 in Game 7. That’s literally the only regret I have in terms of how I’ve played, and that comes with wins and losses, right? I’m cool.

It makes sense that one would still sting. All great players have that one moment, no matter how much they win, how many MVPs or rings they have – that one moment they would like back. This was supposed to be the crown jewel on the best season in NBA history, a 3-1 lead that’s never been lost, against one of the greatest players ever.

Next season he has to lead the Warriors to the playoffs without Klay and KD. There will be mistakes and bad nights. He will make them and move on. But this one, this one will sting long after he leaves the court.