Stephon Marbury: “I’m not here to confuse the children, I’m here to help the children”

Stephon Marbury: “I’m not here to confuse the children, I’m here to help the children”

Stephon Xavier Marbury was drafted as the fourth pick back in 1996 by Milwaukee Bucks and played fifteen seasons in NBA and. Marbury finished his NBA career as a member of the Boston Celtics in 2009 after a couple of bitter sweat seasons in the league. After fifteen seasons, there were no more options for Mr. Marbury to play in the NBA league, so he decides to go “oversees” more specifically, he went to China.

During his playing career in China, Mr. Marbury won three championships whit Beijing Ducks and became an international basketball icon in China.
At the moment, he is the head coach of a Beijing Royal Fighter, China.
Mr. Marbury also has a career in producing and writing known by “My Other Home” and “The Kid from Coney Island,” and he is a co-founder of “STARBURY.”

Starbury is a socially-conscious brand that believes stylish and affordable shoes should be available to everyone.

“Me, I stand for my people for real, I don’t stand fake for my people. I go out there and do it.” “I’m trying to help people get better.”

He has shown through his decisions and actions that he has always been truly there for his people. Instead of using his face and fame to promote a high profited shoe for basketball like everybody else, shoes that will cost over $100 a pair, he’s making good quality shoes for $15 to $30. To help people afford good quality shoes and give them a chance to attend practice if they are not in the position to afford shoes that cost over $100.

“I’m trying to build a vertical platform so I can create access portal for people to have something at an affordable price on earth forever. That’s my mission.”

That is a real example of standing for your people. He saw his hard-working mother struggling to live, trying to afford him a new pair of basketball shoes. Now that he made it, he is trying to give it back to people the same love that was given to him by people. He made good quality basketball shoes for $15. That is a sign of a truly compassionate and caring human being, who will hopefully influence and inspire more basketball players to take actions and make decisions that will help others become better.