STEPHEN JACKSON KEEPS IT REAL Stak gives valuable advice and warns young men about having multiple baby mamas

STEPHEN JACKSON KEEPS IT REAL Stak gives valuable advice and warns young men about having multiple baby mamas

There are many important decisions you are going to make throughout your lifetime. Still, arguably the two most important decisions you will ever make are (1) what you choose to be your calling, and (2) who you chose to spend your life with.

Many athletes, specifically basketball players, tend to fail the second choice. And when they fail, they usually fail miserably.

Wilt Chamberlain once famously said:

With all of you men out there who think that having a thousand different ladies is pretty cool, I have learned in my life I’ve found out that having one woman a thousand different times is much more satisfying.

Many of you young men out there reading this are probably thinking to yourself, “yeah, right, easy for Wilt to say after sleeping with 20 thousand women.” and that’s a legitimate point. However, it is all fun and games when you’re just playing around, but when you start having several baby mamas, that’s when life gets nasty.

Stephen Jackson is known for keeping it real, especially on social media. Cap’n Jack went a step forward and talked about having multiple baby mamas and all the misery and stress that caused him in one of his most recent Instagram posts.

Find one woman, love her, and have babies with her. Do not have kids with multiple women. Listen to me, that shi** is overrated, played-out, and it ain’t what you think it is.

I have kids by five women; I take responsibility for laying down with them, for making babies with them, I take full responsibility. But three of them, I regret even knowing. Paid millions, millions and millions of dollars in child support, and still don’t see my kids.

The quickest way, the fastest way for the demise of a successful black man, is a bitter black woman.

Jackson might not be the most politically correct person you’ll ever meet, but he did give some valuable advice to young men in general. You’ve got to appreciate his openness and transparency to talk about his private life because most of what he mentioned regarding child support will always be a semi-taboo topic.

Don’t be like Stak, don’t make the same mistakes he did, and remember —don’t be a fool, wrap your tool.

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Gods Favor keeps me going. Nothing can stop me. Stay positive and Focused. U winning for a reason.

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