Stephen Jackson goes off on Charles Barkley for saying Kobe Bryant isn’t a hero

Stephen Jackson expressed his dissatisfaction with the comments Charles Barkley made about Kobe Bryant not being a hero. After Bryant passed away, Barkley said everyone should celebrate Kobe as an exceptional basketball player but not a hero. Barkley was always saying athletes, in general, shouldn’t be considered role models, especially not for kids. However, his comment came in the wrong time because people were still grieving the loss of Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the other victims in the tragic accident.

Jackson was furious and said Barkley would never have the courage to tell Kobe he wasn’t a hero to his face and that he was fake all the time when they’ve met. He is also surprised nobody said anything to Barkley’s comments, so this is the reason why he wanted to stress out his disbelief.

“Charles Barkley, you would never tell Kobe he was no hero to his face. All of the time you’ve seen Kobe, you probably kissed his ass, to be honest, Charles. I f**k with Charles Barkley, I show him all the respect in the world, but you would never say to Kobe’s face he was no hero. I am surprised nobody said anything. He is a hero, bro. How is he not a hero? F**k out of here, man, I’m tired of yall s**t.”

Jackson has the right to comment on these situations, mostly because of his love and respect for Kobe. On the other hand, Barkley’s opinion about this subject is widely known throughout the years, so it might not come as a surprise even though he did say it in a very inappropriate time.