Stephen Curry responds to critics that Golden State Warriors ruined the NBA

Stephen Curry responds to critics that Golden State Warriors ruined the NBA

Golden State Warriors have been quite active this free agency and landed another All-Star player DeMarcus Cousins to their roster. Warriors have won 3 titles in the past 4 years, while most of their star players are still in their primes.

DeMarcus Cousins has had a terrible injury last season and it remains a secret if he’ll be able to perform efficiently as he did in the past.

Stephen Curry has been quite active in the past couple of weeks, becoming a father once again, and all that was happening when DeMarcus agreed to terms with the Warriors. “It actually happened about five hours after my wife had given birth. “I was in the hospital, and I didn’t have my phone on me. My dad was there, and Bob Myers called and wanted to congratulate me and the family on the new addition. And then he said, ‘Hey, I’ve got a potential opportunity to sign DeMarcus,’ and we all looked at each other like, ‘What are you talking about?’”

Warriors GM Bob Myers was consulting with Curry when considering making the move for Cousins.

Curry said “I don’t think (adding Cousins in free agency) was on anybody’s radar going into the summer,” Curry continued. “(Myers) laid out how it happened with DeMarcus’ free agency, and the early stages and what-not, and he was like, ‘Hey if we can sign him would you like to play with him?’ And I said, ‘Obviously, hell yeah. That would be amazing.’”

A lot of the fanbase started hating on the Warriors and said they ruined the NBA with this move. Curry expressed his opinion on the issue and said he completely disagrees.

So everybody says how we’re ruining the NBA – I love that phrasing; it’s the dumbest phrase ever. We are always trying to find a way to get better. If we were just happy with winning a championship and staying stagnant, we wouldn’t be doing ourselves justice. Obviously with KD (Kevin Durant signing in 2016), with DeMarcus this summer, with the bench guys that we’ve been able to sign, everybody is trying to get better and we just happen to be the ones who set the pace and set the narrative around how you need to structure your team to beat us. That’s great. I love that vibe, because it keeps us on edge seeing the ripple effect around the NBA and where guys are going and that type of stuff.