Stephen Curry responds to Baron Davis saying his “We Believe” Warriors would beat the KD-era Warriors
2007 vs. 2016

Stephen Curry responds to Baron Davis saying his “We Believe” Warriors would beat the KD-era Warriors

It’s fun to compare teams from different eras and how they would match up with each other. But it is not often we see an argument between members of the same organization. That’s precisely what we have here with Golden State Warriors.

Everybody remembers the notorious “We Believe” Warriors from 2007, the #8 seed that upset the #1 seed Mavericks and had one of the most exciting runs and teams the NBA has ever seen. Their leader Baron Davis was dominating at that time, but it seems he maybe got a bit ahead of himself lately, as he proclaimed that team would have beaten the Warriors from the Kevin Durant-era.

“It’s going to go seven games. They got some firepower. We ain’t gonna fold, though. The thing is, we’re not going to try and punk them, you know what I mean? We’re just going to play them hard. We’re not going to bully them, but it’s not gonna be like, y’all are about to blow us out. Everything is going to be mano-a-mano, a confrontation, and hold your man.”

Baron Davis, Dubs Talk

Well, current Warriors point guard and star Stephen Curry seemed to disagree with Baron as he shared his response. You can probably guess what Steph had to say.

Well, no matter how much I like Baron Davis and that 2007 Warriors team, I have to be realistic and say they would have no chance. Davis had a team full of tough players like Stephen Jackson, Jason Richardson, Al Harrington, Matt Barnes, Monta Ellis, and others, but that team was a #8 seed for a reason. Not enough consistency and star power. On the other side, the Warriors from 2016-2019 were the complete opposite.

3 NBA Finals and 2 Championships, with a roster full of All-Stars that play like a team, the Curry era Warriors were unstoppable. So how could the mediocre Warriors from 2007 beat them? Sure they wouldn’t back down knowing their mentality, but the talent disparity is so obviously on the Steph/KD Warriors side that they would achieve an easy victory despite all the fight and grit from the “We Believe” crew. The way I see it – best-case scenario, they could steal one game in a seven-game series. It’s expected and good to see from Baron has confidence in his team, but sometimes you have to be more realistic.