Stephen Curry passed Reggie Miller for the second-most made 3-pointers in NBA history

Stephen Curry passed Reggie Miller for the second-most made 3-pointers in NBA history

Precisely 11 minutes were left on the clock in the third quarter when Steph Curry drained the three (assisted by Draymond Green) against Utah, which put him in second place on the NBA’s all-time 3-pointers list. Curry passed another brilliant shooter Reggie Miller who made 2,560 3-pointers in 1,389 regular-season games during his 18-year NBA career. Curry passed him in his 715th career game and in his 12th NBA season.

“It’s special. I was trying to enjoy it in the middle of the game because I knew it was on the horizon, and I knew how much I looked up to him growing up, watching him play, playing against my dad. Emulating a lot of things, he did moving without the ball. I always said him and Steve Nash, I always tried to put those two players together.”, Curry said.

Stephen Curry, via ESPN

Miller congratulated Curry during the postgame video call with reporters.

“You are an inspiration to so many little ones like mine,” Miller said while holding his young son, Ryker, who was wearing Curry’s jersey.

Reggie Miller, via ESPN

For Curry, the hunt goes on. In front of him is another shooting legend – Ray Allen – who is sitting in the first place, now just 411 3-pointers (2,973 total in his career) ahead of the Warriors’ point guard. Considering Curry’s current 3-point pace of 4.1 threes made per game, he would need just over 100 games to catch Allen in the first place. He will fall short this season because only 57 games are remaining in this shortened 72-game season. However, Curry could catch Allen in the second part of the 2021/2022 season.

If something drastic doesn’t occur, Curry will surely be the player that reached the number one spot in the shortest time, and one of the reasons is the higher volume of three-point attempts. Curry has averaged 8.3 3-pointers per game in his career, Miller 4.7 and Allen 5.7; however, Curry matches his high volume with precision. Curry is a career 43.3% shooter from a distance, compared to 39.5% for Miller and 40.0% for Allen. And that’s the reason why the majority of the NBA world acknowledges Curry as the best shooter of all time, and he needs more time to prove it officially. We can only congratulate him on his achievements and be grateful for living in his era.