Stephen A. Smith reveals the Nets are “So disgusted with this dude”

Stephen A. Smith reveals the Nets are “So disgusted with this dude”

The Nets effectively removed Kyrie Irving from the team until he gets vaccinated. Stephen A. Smith made controversial statements on the situation and took the gloves off while talking about Kyrie.

The Brooklyn Nets are disgusted with Kyrie Irving

The standoff between Kyrie Irving and the Nets is about to reach its climax as the management published its position on the matter. The Nets will not allow Irving to play or practice with the team until he can become a full participant. Brooklyn has decided to move forward and prepare for the season without their superstar in what could be the strongest stand on Kyrie’s continued refusal to take the vaccine. 

Nets owner Joe Tsai claims that getting the vaccine is part of social responsibility while general manager Sean Marks echoes similar statements that the team will not permit any player to be only available on a part-time basis. ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith reveals a bold claim on the situation in an interview on the First Take. 

“They’d give his ass away for a box of cookies if they could. They’re so disgusted with this dude. I’m telling you what I know, y’all figure out how I know that. I ain’t asking, I’m telling you, it’s that disgusted.”

Stephen A. Smith, First Take

Stephen A.’s job description is to be animated and exuberant, but it seems he’s genuinely annoyed by Kyrie. Fans feel that Irving’s stand is borderline selfish and does nothing to support the Nets in their mission of winning the title. With everyone healthy, Brooklyn can win it all, with or without Kyrie. So is a trade an option?

Irving’s trade value plummets 

There were rumors that Irving was considering retirement if the Nets decided to trade him. However, the issue now also concerns other teams: how much commitment can they expect from the former Boston Celtics guard and how his uncertain availability in games will affect their postseason dreams. Irving is certainly not contributing to the solution. 

The Golden State Warriors and Andrew Wiggins have solved their dilemma. Wantaway Ben Simmons is rumored to be in a deal for Irving, but the Philadephia 76ers don’t want to hear anything of it, as reported by Basketball News. Both Irving and Simmons are causing unnecessary distractions to the teams that signed them to large contracts. 

Now that the Nets have laid down the rules, the ball is now on Kyrie Irving’s court: take the vaccine or not play at all.