Stephen A. Smith loses is on athletes complaining about the way they’re treated

Stephen A. Smith loses is on athletes complaining about the way they’re treated

ESPN’s analyst Stephen A. Smith is one of the most well known and popular faces in the world of NBA media because of his strong and funny character combined with him coming up with hot and debatable topics.

Recently he touched on the matter of athletes complaining about the way they are being treated and got very hot on the subject, heavily criticizing the stance:

But I am getting sick and tired of this narrative that’s being articulated and elocuted by athletes. You know, “nobody cares and we mean nothing.” Just stop. Stop. You get paid to ball. It’s not a crime for people to want to see you ball. We understand that because you out there for the vast majority of 82 regular season games and the vast majority of most playoff games, we understand that because of what you put yourself through phsyically, you not going to be at 100%. It is no crime for somebody to want to see you perform. It’s no crime. And you got people that bring up such extreme measures, the “slave mentality.” Shut the hell up! It’s an insult to slaves. It’s an insult to slavery. When you take into account what those people endured and at a level of servitutde and beyond, it’s something that is unconscionable that they would subject it to. And how it was no choice of their own. But you picked and chose to play. You signed on the dotted line. And as a result, you are monetarily compensated to a degree that will take care of not just you but generations. SHUT. THE HELL. UP. It’s not the same. Stop it. It’s an insult to our ancestors to say that kind of stuff. And I’m not saying that DeMarcus Cousins or Draymond Green did that, because they didn’t. I’m just saying for people that harbor that mentality in general. Nobody is saying… Unless you can come to me and tell me that the Warriors lied, unless you can come to me and tell me that the Warriors made it up that Kevin Durant was significantly worse than what folks say he was, that he was never cleared by numerous doctors, that it was all a lie, get the hell over what happened.“

Obviously, he has a very strong opinion on this controversial topic, but you can’t argue with his logic at all. Some say he shared his frustrations with the topic because of Jalen Rose’s recent comments on how people don’t care about athletes or even to LeBron James’s comments from earlier this year about the “slave mentality” in the NFL.

This was probably also prompted by the new movement to change the terminology from “team owner” to “team investor”, considering it more appropriate to avid ownership as a term.

I guess Steven A. has a similar opinion on that as well.